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Swift Pest Control - Fresno, CA

Termite Extermination and Bee Removal near Fresno, California

Swift Pest Control ranks among the finest pest exterminators serving Fresno, California. Our local pest controllers are well versed in the insects or rodents that can plague residents from Visalia to Fresno.

The versatility of our pest inspectors saves our customers time and money. With a wide selection of humane pest extermination, Fresno families or businesses can simply make a single phone call to Swift Pest Control. Instead of searching for an experienced exterminator, our lifetime customers can take comfort that our years of experience will control the pantry rodents or lawn insects which affect their quality of life.

Swift Pest Control takes pride in enhancing the safety and well-being of our clients. Field mice can enter a home through the smallest opening. Once inside, these hungry rodents need to be controlled to avoid food contamination and potential diseases.

Our Fresno pest exterminators offer assurance against costly health code violations or reduced customer satisfaction for commercial clients as well. This makes a call to Swift Pest Control an investment in your peace of mind and family’s safety.

The fast response of our professional pest controllers helps control the effects of insect infestations as well. The longer a bee or wasp problem is allowed to develop, the greater the potential threat to safety. We quickly dispatch a friendly and courteous insect exterminator to identify the source of the problem. 

In addition to addressing the current problem, our experience pest inspectors also advise on measures to prevent future issues. This comprehensive approach to Fresno pest extermination is invaluable to commercial and residential clients.

To schedule a pest control inspection or service, please contact us at (559) 370-4014.

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